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A Shower in Queens Looks Gorgeous After Getting the Best Grout Cleaning Service

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August 31, 2023

A homeowner in Queen suffered each time he attempted to clean his shower. Hours of scrubbing proved that regular cleaners were not enough to get rid of the mold that was embedded in the grout. The most affected areas were the grout lines on the floor and the horizontal seams, which had started showing cracks. In the span of a few short months, his shower had gone from staying clean 24/7 to showing an unhygienic look that was at odds with the rest of the bathroom.

Tile Shower Before and After a Grout Cleaning in Queens
As mold and soap scum spread all over the shower area, the homeowner knew that he needed assistance from a professional restoration service. Luckily, it wasn't hard for him to find Sir Grout Queens soon after he went online looking for companies in the area. The homeowner was eager to get the opinion of our Queens grout cleaning crew, so he requested an in-home evaluation after reading some more about our services.

Later that week, our specialists went to his house for the inspection. They looked closely into all the shower surfaces, paying extra attention to the areas where most of the mold was collected. They also took note of signs of discoloration on the walls, likely caused by soap scum and chemical cleaners. The client wanted to understand why his cleaners and detergent had so little effect on the stains, so our techs explained that many of these products wind up trapping the dirt on porous surfaces while slowly weakening the grout's sealant. After checking for structural damage, our specialists told the client that there was no lasting damage to deal with. Our cleaning and sealing equipment could take care of the problem. The client asked for more information about the process and gladly scheduled another appointment when our techs were done going over the steps for the restoration.

Our techs returned on the scheduled date to work on the shower. To start off the process, they deep cleaned the walls and floors until all the stains were gone. They used a powerful pH-neutral cleaner to get the dirt loose and waited a few minutes before carefully scrubbing it off. Our cleaner provides all the effectiveness to keep a shower looking perfect through all daily activities. It combines high-quality ingredients to deliver quick results without altering grout and tile surfaces in the long run. After this, our techs steam cleaned the shower and got ready to make the necessary repairs to the grout.

They fixed all the areas where the caulk had gone loose and reinforced all the seams with resistant epoxy grout. Then, they applied sealant to all the grout lines, giving them a nice makeover in the process. Our signature ColorSeal is known for providing the best protection to keep grout spotless for a long time. It works against soap scum, mold, mildew, and several external elements to bring maximum durability in areas that are prone to stains.

The grout was recolored to create a subtle contrast with the light gray tiles, and the shower took an elegant, stylish look once our techs worked through all the residue. They called the client to the bathroom so he could see the result and he had nothing but praise for his newly restored shower. He thanked our specialists and promised to tell everyone in Queens about our amazing service.

Before ending the appointment, our specialists shared some additional tips to help the client with the maintenance of his bathroom surfaces. To prevent chemicals from damaging grout and tile surfaces, our techs recommended using pH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. This cleaner works like a charm when it comes to removing the stains that grow around shower surfaces every day. It eliminates all traces of mold, mildew, soap scum, and other substances without affecting the sealant's protection on the grout. It also makes the process safer for homeowners because it doesn't release toxic fumes into their living spaces.

Our techs also recommended avoiding steel wools and other abrasive tools since tile surfaces can easily get scratch marks if you scrub hard enough. The best approach involves using a towel, a terry cloth, or a squeegee to work through the most stubborn stains. Lastly, our techs stressed the importance of having good indoor ventilation to prevent the effects of moisture on bathroom surfaces. On top of having a reliable ventilation system, our specialists also recommend opening the windows and doors a few hours a day to encourage the circulation of fresh air.

With Sir Grout Queens, you will discover the ultimate solution to simplify hard surface maintenance. Our restoration methods address all the most common sources of damage, from embedded mold to tile discoloration. We understand all the problems that keep a shower from looking picture-perfect at all times, and our specialists are ready to help you with long-lasting results. Just call (718) 524-3351 or fill out our "Schedule a Free Quote" form to schedule an in-door evaluation. You can also contact us if you have questions about our products and services; our specialists will be happy to assist you. Last but not least, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss out on our latest promotions and updates.
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