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Our Techs Revamped a Marble Floor in Whitestone with the Best Stone Polishing Service

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November 28, 2023

A homeowner in Whitestone was shocked when her marble floor started showing signs of wear and tear. The floor looked good enough at a glance, but the homeowner had been taking care of the house chores for years. She immediately noticed the marble's faint shine and a closer look revealed a collection of marks that gave the surface a roughened look.

Marble Floor Before and After a Stone Polishing in Whitestone
The homeowner had never dealt with something like this after years of routine maintenance, but she knew that she couldn't take risks while working on marble surfaces. She was already wary of subjecting her floors to chemical cleaners, and too much scrubbing could wind up deepening the marks on the tiles. After much consideration, she and her family decided to contact the specialists at Sir Grout Queens. A quick visit to our website showed our tech's expertise on stone surfaces, so the homeowner was convinced we could provide the best stone polishing in Whitestone.

She scheduled an appointment online and our techs went to her house a few days later for a free in-home evaluation. They observed the floor and asked standard questions about the homeowner's cleaning routine and the foot traffic in that part of the house. In turn, when the homeowner asked about the effects of traditional cleaners, our techs explained the problems that can affect stone surfaces after long periods of exposure to harsh ingredients. Her marble floor showed signs of mild etching and the colors looked muted, but there was no lasting damage to the marble surface. After confirming the cause of the problems, our techs offered to have the floors honed and polished to bring back the stone's original beauty. The client listened closely as they gave her a rundown of our restoration methods and agreed to schedule a new appointment with our crew.

Our techs returned to her house on the appointed date for the restoration. First, they cleaned the floor with a pH-neutral cleaner and a high-speed scrubber, carefully removing the loose dirt from the tiles and the grout lines. Our cleaner is effective against most sources of stains and gets dirt off the floors without opening the grout pores in the process. It's the most effective solution to improve weekly cleaning with satisfying results.

When it was time to hone the marble tiles, our specialists ran three sets of diamond pads on the surface. As they increased the level of grit, the etch marks gradually faded from the stone, leaving a nice matte finish on the floor. Then, our techs used special powders until all the tiles were smooth and glowing beautifully against the room's light. Our polishing service also brought out the marble's colors, making the floor's layout stand out after weeks of looking dull and faded.

Then, our techs went on to work on the grout, applying ColorSeal on all the grout lines to enhance their protection against external elements. Our flagship sealant reduces the number of stains on the grout by warding off mold, mildew, grime, water, etc. It makes maintenance less of a chore while ensuring that the grout looks its best during the times when foot traffic is at its peak. There's no better way to counter discoloration and the effects of wear and tear.

With most of the restoration complete, our techs buffed the floors to enhance the shine of the marble surface. The client started praising our work as soon as she was called back into the room. The floor looked gorgeous, and the marble exuded all the marble had an air of elegance that was impossible to ignore.

The homeowner was in awe after seeing her floor go through such an impressive transformation. She asked for tips to keep that look on her floor and our specialists were happy to share their recommendations. They told her that pH-neutral cleaners like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner are the most effective alternative to avoid the effects of bleach and other chemical products. On its own, our cleaner manages to keep stone surfaces glowing at all times while removing the most stubborn stains without excessive scrubbing. Another way to avoid harsh treatment on delicate stone surfaces is by using non-abrasive tools like fresh towels, a mop, or a terry cloth. Our techs also recommended keeping an eye on the room's ventilation and wiping the stains with care to avoid the appearance of etch marks on the marble tiles.

Marble surfaces conceal a durable core under their classic, delicate look. With that said, they're still vulnerable to long-lasting damage when subjected to the wrong cleaning conditions. Sir Grout Queens helps you ensure the best results to keep your marble floors in optimal condition for a long time. Our specialists harness the most advanced equipment to repair different sorts of damage, and our methods never fail to exceed expectations, no matter the case.

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