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A Marble Vanity in Whitestone Regained All Its Shine Thanks to Our Stone Honing Experts

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April 07, 2024

A homeowner in Whitestone wasn't happy with the look of her vanity. Usually, the shiny marble surface was enough to make her master bathroom look impressive, but the effect started to fade as etch marks started accumulating on the stone. The homeowner had used generic cleaners for a couple of days until she realized that they made the flat surface look more neglected than before.

Marble Vanity Before and After a Stone Honing in Whitestone
She decided to get an appointment with a stone honing specialists in Whitestone that same week and to leave the vanity untouched until then, just in case. She only dared to use a towel when cleaning moisture and soap residue, but she no longer trusted any of the products she'd used in the past.

A quick Google search took her in the right direction, with Sir Grout Queens sitting at the top of his search results. The homeowner could tell that our specialists had ample experience in restoring marble surfaces, especially after checking our picture gallery. She'd called one of our agents to ask for more information and took that chance to schedule a visit from our team.

On the appointed date, our techs went to her house to evaluate the vanity top. No one would deny the beauty of the Emperador marble surface, but much of it was hidden under dozens of marks. Our experts inspected the vanity and checked for structural damage before going over the problem with the client. They confirmed her suspicions when they explained the harmful effects of bleach and soap-based cleaners. These products are not particularly effective at preserving the beauty of natural stone. In fact, many of their ingredients may cause discoloration and worsen the signs of etching on the surface. This was all concerning, but our techs had the solution to the client's problem. They offered to hone and polish the vanity after using their stone-safe cleaner to remove the stains, completing the restoration with a stone sealant. The client was happy with their offer and agreed to a new appointment after thanking our techs for sharing their assessment.

At her convenience, our crew returned to her house the following day for the restoration. They prepared the area around the vanity and started cleaning the surface after our permeating cleaner took effect. They eliminated the stickiness and the marks left by soap to ensure that no external elements remained on the stone during the next part of the process.

When the vanity was ready for honing, our specialists ran three sets of diamond pads on the surface, gradually working through all the etch marks as the marble went back to its deep brown color. Then, they used special polishing powders to restore its natural sheen, and the transformation made the vanity look brand new.

For the last step, our techs applied stone sealant to protect the stone from etching, scratches, embedded dirt, and other issues. Our sealant withstands months of wear and tear without letting anything slip into the porous surface, so it's the ideal solution to keep marble surfaces looking smooth and vibrant.

The homeowner couldn't be happier. She marveled at the surface for a long time since the etching had concealed many of the details on the rich marble surface. After praising our team's expertise, she also promised to recommend Sir Grout Queens to everyone she knew.

At the end of the appointment, our specialists shared some useful pointers with the client. They started by recommending pH-neutral formulas like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner, listing all the advantages that put these products far above traditional solutions in terms of cleaning power. In minutes, our cleaner removes dozens of stains, so it's the best way to clean large surfaces and high-traffic areas. It also works without affecting the sealant's protection on natural stone surfaces because it has no toxic ingredients in its formula. To preserve marble surfaces in time, it's also important to avoid sharp tools that could leave scratch marks on the stone. With all this in mind, our crew recommended wiping the vanity with a towel or a terry cloth after letting the cleaner sit on the surface for a few minutes. This approach would be enough to optimize the results of your weekly cleaning routine and it rules out all the risks of using chemical-based cleaners in your bathroom area.

Our last tip was to ensure that the ventilation system reached all bathroom surfaces to prevent the effects of moisture buildup. It isn't always easy to stop the spread of mold and mildew when the room doesn't get enough fresh air throughout the day. By contrast, homeowners have less to deal with when they manage to keep their bathrooms properly ventilated. Sometimes, all it takes is opening the windows and doors to start seeing an improvement in your cleaning routine.

Our techs are trained to restore your stone surfaces with methods that stand the test of time, so don't hesitate to contact us if you live in Whitestone or its surrounding areas. Just call (718) 524-3351 or schedule a free quote online to request an appointment. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates.
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